Lewes FC Joins WorldBlu Community of Freedom-Centred Workplaces

We’re very proud and excited to join WorldBlu today.

Who and what is WorldBlu, you ask?  For the past 10 years Worldblu has been working with organisations across the world – from big established global brands like WD-40 to smaller, more craft-based outfits like the New Belgium Brewing Company – to help them become stronger, more democratic organisations.

See here for more about their ‘Freedom at Work’ principles and how they enable companies to let their staff shape their future.

Why is Lewes FC getting involved?  Well, many of the principles that govern the WorldBlu movement are very similar to ours.  We are owned and run by our community of supporters.  We are open and democratic.  Our mission is to win football matches, but at the same time do good things for the people of Lewes and further beyond, and also for our wider footballing fraternity.  And, most importantly, we work really hard to ensure that our destiny is placed in the hands of our supporters.  (NB: that’s a pretty big deal!)

Being part of WorldBlu will help us connect with other like-minded organisations and learn from them – as well as lending them a helping hand, should they need a bit of assistance in changing the way that they work.  Every Year they award organisations who meet the criteria the Freedom At Work award – and this year Lewes FC are one of just 26 Companies from around the world to receive this recognition.

This whole community-run thing is catching on, and it’s delivering lots of benefits to organisations outside of football.



In order to be accepted into WorldBlu we were assessed in a number of different ways, all relating to our operating principles.  We’re pleased to say that we aced it, but it wasn’t an easy task.  We had to ask ourselves things like:  how accountable are we to our fans, owners and staff? How democratic are we in our day to day decision making?  How well do we communicate how we run the club?

Kevin Miller, CEO of Lewes FC said;

“This is a fantastic recognition for everyone involved with the Club. Lewes Community Football Club is a place where business and passion are intertwined – where volunteers and full-time staff work hand in hand, and where the need to get things done is overwritten by the sheer enjoyment of the journey. It is a place that is all encompassing without being oppressive, where ideas are shared, encouraged and acted upon, and when it all comes together on Matchday we can all relax, safe in the knowledge that everything has been done, all is in hand, and the reason that we are all here can begin, and we can enjoy the game. It is a truly inspiring place and one that I hope to be at for a very long time.”

Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about WorldBlu or any of the stuff we’ll be doing during close season.  There are plenty of opportunities to help out and get involved.  Just email us or give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook.

And, if you’re as proud as we are to be part of a truly democratic organisation, please share the news.  WorldBlu announce their new signings, including us, today.  Hashtag #Freedomatwork.

Contact: Kevin Miller on: 01273 470820/ 07833 736234 kevin.miller@lewesfc.com 

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Author: stuartnoel

Nearly prize winning author of Passport to Football, Budget Airline Football and European Football - A Fans Guide.