Bickerstaff’s Fishmongers know their Plaice…

Bickerstaff’s Fishmongers Join Lewes FC’s Support & Save Scheme


Lewes FC are delighted to announce that local Fishmongers Bickerstaff’s are the newest members of the Lewes FC Support & Save scheme.The stall in the Riverside on Cliffe High Street, is offering 5% discount on all locally caught produce to all owners of the Football Club.


Mr. Ian Bickerstaff who also owns the West Quay Fish Shop in Newhaven said;

“I’ve been carping on at doing this for a whale”  he explained, “I thought I needed time to mullet over, but after a trawl through the Lewes FC website it wasn’t a difficult decision to hake”

CEO and Commercial Manager Kevin Miller is delighted with the decision.

“At first I thought, this scampi happening, but I’m delighted to thank and welcome Mr.Bickerstaff and the staff to the Pan. It just goes to prove that any fin is possible, and we’re always happy for our owners to save a few squid.”


The Riverside on Cliffe High Street, Lewes

The offer begins this Saturday (27th) and is open to the Riverside store only.


If you would like to take advantage of this discount, and 75 other superb offers from stores and facilities around the region, you’ll need to become an owner of Lewes Football Club!

It costs just £30 per year… Just follow the link!


Author: stuartnoel

Nearly prize winning author of Passport to Football, Budget Airline Football and European Football - A Fans Guide.